New Delhi, 8-11 April 2008
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Speakers and panellists of the plenary sessions

Plenary address: "The importance of agriculture in economic development"

ALAIN DE JANVRY, Professor - University of California, Berkeley, USA

a de janvry (sml) Alain de Janvry is an economist working on international economic development, with expertise principally in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. Fields of work include poverty analysis, rural development, quantitative analysis of development policies, impact analysis of social programs, technological innovations in agriculture, and the management of common property resources. He has worked with many international development agencies, including FAO, IFAD, the World Bank, UNDP, ILO, the CGIAR, and the Inter-American Development Bank as well as foundations such as Ford, Rockefeller, and Kellogg, and NGOs such as Rimisp and IRAM. His main objective in teaching, research, and work with development agencies is the promotion of human welfare, including understanding the determinants of poverty and inequality, and analyzing successful approach to improve well-being and promote sustainability in resource use. He is a member of the French National Academy of Agriculture and a fellow of the American Agricultural Economic Association. He is a professor of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley.

Plenary panel: “Challenges of Agro-industries Development”

S. SIVAKUMAR, Chief Executive of ITC’s Agri Business Division, India.

sivakumar picture (sml)ITC Limited ( is one of India’s foremost private sector companies with a market capitalisation of nearly US$20 billion and a turnover of over US$5 billion. The company is known for its thought and action leadership in triple bottom line focus.

Sivakumar spearheads ITC’s famous eChoupal initiative, a unique click & mortar channel, which facilitates two-way flow of goods and services into and out of villages. Servicing the production and consumption needs of some four million farmers in 38,000 villages (and growing…), ITC’s eChoupal is the largest Internet-based intervention in rural India. The initiative has won numerous awards, including UNDP World Business Award, Stockholm Challenge Award and Development Gateway Award. After graduating from the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Sivakumar served a farmers’ cooperative for six years before joining ITC in 1989.

MAMADOU MANSOUR CAMA, Chairman and CEO of Senegalese Investment Company and Chairman of the National Confederation of Employers of Senegal.

mr cama (sml)Mr CAMA is Chairman and CEO of Senegalese Investment Company (a holding company), whose businesses range from fishing industries, leather processing, shoe manufacturing to water distribution and banking. His holding company also controls market shares in real estate business. He also holds shares in the nation’s water and in the first investment and securities private bank. Mr Cama is member of the African Business Roundtable and the ACP – EU Business Forum. He is an UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador for Africa and a member of the Islamic Development Bank) / ICIEC Advisory Committee to the Chairman. He holds degree in Business Administration and Economy.

RICCARDO BAGNI, Vice-Chairmain & Chief Excutive Officer of Coop Italia.

bagni (sml)Mr Bagni began his career as Financial Analyst and currently is Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coop Italia. Previously he was Vice-Chairman of Consorzio Nazionale Non-Food and Purchasing Director. He has been a leader in Private Brand, Quality, Technology and Information Systems Management and Responsible for SA8000 in Coop Italia. He has held a number of senior positions in Italian and European Co-operatives and was Vice-Chairman of Coind, a production co-operative of food and non-food products. He holds an engineering degree and a MS in Information Science and Technology from Pisa University.


pattoni (sml)Mr Pattoni is General Manager of Dos Pinos that has been named as the best company in Costa Rica for the 20th Century. He has held various positions of increasing importance within the large dairy and other product cooperative. He has extensive experience in analysis, design, installation and implementation of new technologies and processes. He has also worked in branding and in developing the export market for the products. Mr. Pattoni is a mechanical engineer with a MS in Industrial Administration.


Plenary address: "Agro-industries trends, patterns and development impacts"

JOHN WILKINSON, senior lecturer at the Graduate Center for Agricultural Development in the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

john wilkinson (sml)John Wilkinson is a senior lecturer at the Graduate Center for Agricultural Development in the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is responsible for teaching and research on transformations in the industrial organization of the agrofood system, including the family farm sector. He has tutored over 40 dissertations and theses and has presented papers at many International Congresses. He has worked on the biotechnology studies of the FAST Programme of the European Commission and has been consultant to the OECD, FAO and ECLA on the impact of new technologies in the agrofood system. Mr Wilkinson has participated in diverse research networks. Recent research on agrofood systems and biotechnology includes the impact of the Mercosul on the reorganisation of the agrofood system of the Southern Cone countries. In 2007, Mr Wilkinson prepared one of the background papers on agroindustry for the WDR2008 Report. He is the (co)author/editor of 10 books, including “From Farming to Biotechnology”, “The Transnationalization of the Seed Industry in Brazil”, “O Complexo Agroindustrial Brasileiro” (The Brazilian Agroindustrial Complex) and more than 40 articles/book chapters.


Plenary Address : "Enabling Environment for Competitive Agro-industries"

RALPH D. CHRISTY, Professor- Cornell University, USA.

christy (sml)Mr Christy is professor of marketing management and economic development at Cornell University. He has worked in several countries as an applied economist where he has conducted marketing research and educational programs with industry and public policy makers related to the economic performance of markets and distribution systems. Since 1998, he was a Scholar-in-Residence at the Rockefeller Foundation, consultant to the TVA Rural Studies Center, and member of the U.S Department of State, Food Security Task Force. Christy has served as the Associate Editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics; President of the Southern Agriculture Economics Association; and President of the American Agricultural Economic Association.

Plenary address: "Technologies shaping the future"

Professor Colin Dennis, DL, BSc, PhD, CSci, FIFST, FIFT, FRSA, FIAFoST

dennis (sml)Colin Dennis is Director-General of the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association Group (CCFRA) in Gloucestershire, UK. He previously worked for the
Institute of Food Research in Norwich, including a period on secondment at the Norwegian Food Research Institute near Oslo. He has extensive experience in food research and in senior management, with 20 years as Director-General of an industry focused Research and Technology Organisation providing multidisciplinary scientific and technical support to large, medium and small companies as well as government clients. He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology and is currently Chairman of the Scientific Council of the International Union of Food Science and Technology and Chair of the Technical Programme Committee of the 14th World Congress of Food Science and Technology. He is Chair of the Agri-technology Sector Advisory Group to the UK Trade & Investment and UK Chair of the Agri-business Working Group of the Joint Economic Trade Committee between the UK and India.

Plenary address: “Business Models for small farmers and SME`s”


Bill Vorley Head Sustainable Markets Group of IIED

vorley (sml)Bill Vorley is the Head of the Sustainable Markets Group of the International Institute for Environment and Development. He specializes in agrifood systems, agribusiness, trade and agriculture. Bill’s main research interests are in the areas of small-scale farmer access to dynamic markets, market structure and the future of family farming. He has been Director of the Food and Agriculture Program, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis USA. Currently he is the team leader of the Regoverning Markets Programme, an international research consortium that aims to provide guidance on policies and approaches that can anticipate and manage the impacts of the dynamic changes in local and regional markets.

Plenary address: “Public Private Sector Cooperation”

MAHENDRA SHAH, Senior agro-industries scientist, UNIDO

shah (sml)Mr Shah is a Senior Scientist, Dean of the Young Scientist Summer Program and Coordinator of United Nations Relations at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria. His current work is concerned with agriculture, climate change and food security, sustainable development and integrated social-environmental-economic policy analysis and international negotiations. Mr Shah has co-authored the UN-IIASA report on “Climate Change and Agricultural Vulnerability”, “Food in the 21st century - from Science to Sustainable Agriculture” and “Land Resources for Populations of the Future” . He has served as Executive Secretary to the CGIAR System Review at the World Bank and “Food in the 21st century - from Science to Sustainable Agriculture” and other senior positions within UN agencies. Mr. Shah received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and started his career at the University of Nairobi and the Kenya Ministry of Economic Planning.

Plenary Address: "Global Citizenship and Responsibility"

MARC PFITZER, Managing Director FSG-Social Impact Advisors, Geneva, Switzerland

marc pfitzer (sml)Mr Pfizer is the Managing Director of FSG-Social Impact Advisors in Geneva, Switzerland. He is responsible for FSG´s work in Europe, spanning multinational corporations, foundations, NGOs and governments, and public-private-partnerships. His work includes strategic reviews and business planning for the social sector, issue research leading to action or policy recommendations, social initiative implementation and evaluation with recent work focused on the linkages between corporate competitiveness and social engagement and evaluation of major social initiatives. Prior to joining FSG, Marc served as Principal at the Boston Consulting Group working with both corporations and nonprofits on the topics of strategy, organizational design, and change management. He also has worked with the World Economic Forum and brings over 15 years of experience advising senior executives across sectors. Mr Pfizer holds an M.B.A. from the European Institute of Administration and a B.A. from Harvard.


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