New Delhi, 8-11 April 2008
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The Forum has brought together for four days :

- Senior level policy-makers,

- Food industry leaders,

- UN technical agencies,

- Civil society organizations

- Agro-industry specialists.

The programme comprised plenary addresses, parallel roundtable discussions and regional strategy workshops.

The structure for the programme sessions, is presented in the table below.

Inauguration by the heads of FAO, UNIDO and IFAD and the Union Minister of Agriculture from India.

Keynote address by a high level authority

Plenary adresses
1. Agro-industry trends, patterns and developmental impacts
2. Enabling environments for competitive agro-industries
3. Technologies shaping the future
4. Business models for small farmers and SMEs
5. Public-private sector cooperation
6. Global citizenship and responsibility


Regional strategy workshops

Roundtables and panel discussions with stakeholders of 5 identified regions:

- Africa

- Near East

- Eastern Europe-Central Asia

- Asia and the Pacific

- Latin America and the Caribbean

Competitiveness roundtables

1. Market research and intelligence
2. Emerging concerns in quality and safety,
3. Technology acquisition and utilisation
4. Value chain development
5. Branding and certification
6. Agro-industry and agro-enterprise finance 7. Innovation, product development, adaptation
8. Agro-industries operations management
9. Producer organizations and co-operatives
10. Agro-industrial clusters and food parks
11. Infrastructure development
12. Human resources development


Plenary panels

- Challenges of agro-industries development
- Regional strategies plenary panels

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