New Delhi, 8-11 April 2008
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Background information

Please find below some additional background materials prepared by FAO, UNIDO and IFAD on issues tackled by the Forum

Enabling environments for competitive agro-industries
An introduction to market-based instruments for agricultural price risk management (2006)

Public-private sector cooperation
Public-private Partnership for Rural Infrastructure (September 2006)

Business models for small farmers and SMEs:
1. Approaches to linking producers to markets: A review of experiences to date (2007)
2. FAO Linking Farmers to Markets website

Understanding markets: market research and intelligence
1. Market Extension Guide: Market research for agroprocessors (2003)
2. Marketing Extension Guide: Planning and designing rural markets (2003)

Meeting consumer requirements: quality, safety, emerging concerns
1. Costs and benefits in food quality systems: Concepts and a multi-criteria evaluation approach (2007)
2. Quality and safety in the traditional horticultural marketing chains of Asia (2006)

Improving productivity: technology acquisition and utilisation
Addressing the challenges facing agricultural mechanization input supply and farm product processing. Proceedings of an FAO Workshop held at the CIGR World Congress on Agricultural Engineering Bonn, Germany, 5–6 September 2006 (2007)

Strengthening business linkages: value chain development
1. The growing role of contract farming in agri-food systems development: drivers, theory and practice (July 2005)
2. Contract farming: Partnerships for growth (2001)

Differentiating products: branding and certification
Organic certification schemes:managerial skills and associated costs (2007)

Attracting Investment: agro-industry and agro-enterprise finance
1. Rural Finance Learning Centre
2. Emerging lessons in agricultural microfinance (August 2005)
3. Agricultural Value Chain Finance: Summary of the conference “Agricultural Value Chain Finance” Costa Rica - May 16-18, 2006

Staying competitive: innovation, product developement, adaptation
Business services in support of farm enterprise development: case studies (2007)

Improving efficiency: agro-industries operations management
Business management for small scale agro-processors (2005)

Establishing clusters: agro-industrial clusters and food parks
Agro-industrial parks: Experiences from India (2006)

Reducing costs: infrastructure development
1. Rural–urban marketing linkages: An infrastructure identification and survey guide (2005)
2. Marketing and Agribusiness CD-ROM mail to:

1. The African export industry: What happened and how can it be revived? Case study on the Nigerian oil palm industry (2007)
2. The African export industry: What happened and how can it be revived? Case study on the
Cameroonian cocoa sector
3. Strengthening farm-agribusiness linkages in Africa: Summary results of five country studies
in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa

Asia and the Pacific:
1. Agro-industries characterization and appraisal: Soybeans in India (2007)
2. Agro-industries characterization and appraisal: Dairy in India (2007)

Eastern Europe and Central Asia:
Enabling Environment for agribusiness and agro-industry development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Proceedings of FAO Workshop Budapest, Hungary 30 Nov-2 Dec 2006

Latin America and the Carribean:
1. Agro-industries characterization and appraisal: Asparagus in Peru (2007)
2. Food engineering, quality and competitiveness in small food industry systems with emphasis on Latin America and Caribbean (2004)

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