New Delhi, 8-11 April 2008
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Why the Global Forum

The development of competitive agro-industries is crucial for creating employment and income opportunities and for enhancing the demand for farm products.

Agro-industry development has the potential to provide employment for the rural poor in off-farm activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting, and marketing of food and agricultural produce.

There are also risks and trade-offs in agro-industrial development often affecting the most vulnerable countries and people.

It is thus important to build on experiences and understandings of trends, in order to formulate sound policies and strategies for fostering agro-industries.

Click here to download the Report of the Global Agro-Industries Forum

What the Global Forum has Achieved?

The Forum has helped:
- Develop a shared vision on the factors critical to future developments of agro-industries, key factors affecting competitiveness and potential action areas,

- Learn from key lessons and success stories to develop competitive agro-industries in the developing world,

- Ensure stronger collaboration and joint activities among multi lateral organizations working on agro-industrialization and clarify the roles of the public sector, multi lateral organizations and the private sector in agro-industrial development,

- Engage multilateral organizations and financial institutions in launching initiatives at national and regional levels to foster agro-industrial development.

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